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Year of foundation: 1993

Business Group: Visibility

Total Surface: 35.000 m²

Covered surface: 20.000 m²

Pianezza PlantThe Valeo Plant of Pianezza (around 15 km far from Turin) was born in 1993 with the name of Valeo Vision. Between 1998 and 2011, it has been renamed in Valeo Sistemi and then in Valeo Lighting Division.

In 2007 Valeo The Lighting Division became the Site of North Lighting Regional Operations and the following year VLS and Valeo Sicurezza Abitacolo has been integrated in Valeo activity.

Currently the site mainly assembles headlights and elliptic modules and supplies  Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, PSA Group and Volvo Truck.

The headlamp product range is equipped with LED and full LED technology with adaptive features, integrated in the car, providing products with high photometric performance and with a lower environmental impact in terms of energy consumption.

The site also has an R&D Technical Center to develop new products and better satisfy customer requirements.